131. A Truly Wonderful Thing About Music

It is important not to overlook how listening to music is compatible with so many human activities. Some music, of course, is incompatible with study, conversation, relaxation, etc. But in so many cases we can listen to music while doing so many other things. I can play with my son, drive, write philosophy, exercise, go fishing, dine, shower, etc. while enjoying music far easier than I can looking at paintings, watching movies, and appreciating dancers! This is primarily because music is a temporal, not a spatial, phenomenon. Once we have two spatial phenomena, like driving and looking at a painting, we have more possibility for incompatibility.

As a true lover of music, I think it is wonderful that I haven’t had to choose between music and so many other things I have done in my life. This compatibility of music is, I suppose, a powerful reason for developing a deep love and understanding of it.

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